Angel could feel the rush in her veins, the wind blowing through her mane. The air was crisp and the grass was green. It was coming. Her rider urged her forward, but she wasn’t having any of that. Her excitement boiled down to fear at the sight of the jump. Before her rider even knew … More Wealth


Have you ever heard of horse power? Maybe you’ve heard of it when talking about cars. Maybe you’re thinking about how powerful horses are, but what type of power? Physical? Mental? Political? I am going to talk about the power of draft horses. I guess I should address the fact that you may not know … More Power

Wild Ride

Horses are large mammals capable of being human pets or profit animals. They have hooves that can kill you with one blow and large front teeth to bite, which seriously hurts! They sometimes will step on you, that hurts, they may bang you with their head, that also hurts, but other than those reasons they are … More Wild Ride