Stereotypes of the World

Stereotypes are the true ruler of this nation. They govern us, control us, change us, and define us. How many books and movies have you seen about stereotypes? Quite a few I’d bet! I have read some books with a stereotype theme. These include The Outsiders and Persepolis. How might this pertain to horses you ask? Well read on and you’ll find out!

As a horse rider I have been asked by many non-horse riders this annoying question that I’m sure the majority of horse riders can relate too. Doesn’t the horse do all the work? Yep, that’s it. That’s the question that’ll piss me off in half a second. Let me make this clear to anybody reading this blog of mine. HORSES DO NOT DO ALL OF THE WORK!!!!!!!!!!! Got that through your head? This is a fine example of stereotypes towards horse riding. 20161117_165148Another fine stereotype is when people say “anyone can ride a horse, it’s easy because all you do is sit there. It’s hardly even considered a sport anyways.” First of all, riding is an olympic sport (although most riders don’t make it that far) and second of all, these people ruled by stereotypes have no clue what they’re even talking about. For example, take American Pharoah (his name is misspelled). He just won the Triple Crown a year ago. He is literally the twelfth Triple Crown winner ever. The last horse to win the Triple Crown was Affirmed, who won it 37 YEARS AGO. Of course the people who are ruled by stereotypes will say something like “oh well, it’s not that hard to win the Triple Crown, and it’s not even a sport anyways.” People these days…

Science, training and research have made just about every record in sports breakable, every feat attainable. Every feat, that is, except horse racing’s Triple Crown.

An excerpt from a website post that I enjoyed.

Stereotypes should not define us! Are all white Americans lazy, stupid and obese? No!! Are Mexicans living in America illegal immigrants? Some maybe, but not all! Oh here’s one I hate. Arabs and Muslims are terrorists. I’d be ready to punch someone in the face if they said that to me. The point is, you can’t sit there and judge others based on what society has told you. Whether that be horse riding, Muslims, Mexicans, Americans, or Germans, we can’t let stereotypes control us. That doesn’t even include the different stereotypes based around women, gender equality, and all that other crap I don’t particularly feel like getting into. I would like to live in a nation not under the influence stereotypes. A nation where you can just be who you are, and not have to try desperately to change who you are. Let’s not be ruled by stereotypes.



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