Angel could feel the rush in her veins, the wind blowing through her mane. The air was crisp and the grass was green. It was coming. Her rider urged her forward, but she wasn’t having any of that. Her excitement boiled down to fear at the sight of the jump. Before her rider even knew it, her gallop faltered to a stop right in front of the jump! Angel’s rider tried to turn her around and make her go over the unfathomable jump. In Angel’s fear she reared way into the air. Her rider slid backwards and fell onto the grass! Now Angel was really scared. She took off!! Angel lunged past the jump, carefully evading it, and into the cross-country field! A couple of humans tried to catch her, but this made her angry. Pinning her ears back, she charged at a lonesome human. With a gleam in her eye she turned and bucked straight at the human. Oh how her rider must be furious at her!

A horse is wealthy in it’s feelings. Horses have plenty of emotions, just like humans. Therefore, they are wealthy in their feelings. Anger, fear, happiness, sadness, excitement, all of these emotions are present in horses. You can see them if you look. When a horse pins its ears back, they’re obviously angry, maybe even at you! Ever notice when a horse just stares in the same direction, motionless, for minutes? They’re scared because they may have seen something you didn’t and are scared that said thing will attack them. When a horse is cantering around in it’s pasture, or rearing and bucking in a playful way, that horse is most likely happy. You can just tell when you see them! It can be hard to tell when a horse is sad, but you can decipher when they are. It’s hard to explain, but I’ll try. You can see it in their eyes, a deep, longing look. Last of all is excitement, of course there are others but I summed them all up.

Wealth isn’t just about money. To me, wealth is a large amount of something. Whether that be money, feelings, people, or items, you are therefore wealthy.


One thought on “Wealth

  1. I really loved your example story, it got my attention. I don’t know much about horses but I love them. They are beautiful animals and are very smart. Your video was great too! It was very interesting to watch! Keep up the good work Lidia!


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