Have you ever heard of horse power? Maybe you’ve heard of it when talking about cars. Maybe you’re thinking about how powerful horses are, but what type of power? Physical? Mental? Political? I am going to talk about the power of draft horses.

I guess I should address the fact that you may not know what a draft horse is. A draft horse is always a large horse used for pulling heavy loads, working on farms, carriage rides, hay rides, and pulling wagons. You know at festivals when you see a large cart or carriage full of people being pulled by horses? Yeah, those are draft horses. Obviously, you have to be really strong and powerful to pull those! How many average men do you think it would take to pull one of those two-horse carts? There’s no real way to measure a human’s strength against a horses, but in one instance a single draft horse easily won a game of tug of war against eighteen men.

Power is a horse. Power is dangerous, but also intriguing. My reasons for comparing draft horses with power today is because they are powerful. Very powerful. However, they’re not just strong on the outside, they’re strong in the mind too. Horses are some of the smartest animals on the planet. Horses are among the twenty smartest animals in the world. They’re often seen as dumb because the owner might not communicate what they want the horse to do clearly enough and the horse then gets confused. That, or the horse is just being stubborn and purposefully disobeying. This belief that horses are dumb then leads to people thinking lesser of the horse and the actual horse is seen as less powerful and isn’t recognized for who they are. Obviously, they’re much stronger than humans physically and can’t always be controlled, so why look down on them? The answer is, there is no real reason to look down on a horse so powerful. Therefore power is a horse, and a horse is power.


One thought on “Power

  1. I personally do not know a lot about horses but picked up a few of little things by reading this. It was interesting how strong they are and how people can mislead them to think they are dumb. I liked reading about how smart horses really are other than how people think they are.

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