Triple Crown Winners

The 12 Triple Crown Winners

What is the Triple Crown? The Triple Crown is a series of three races, The Kentucky Derby, The Belmont Stakes and the Preakness Stakes. To win the Triple Crown a horse must finish in first at all three races, which is extremely difficult. Not to mention these all have to be won in the same year.

This is the first Triple Crown Winner, Sir Barton. His jockey was Johnny Loftus and he won the Triple Crown in 1919.


The second Triple Crown winner is Gallant Fox. He won the Triple Crown in 1930. His jockey was Earl Sande.


The third Triple Crown winner is Omaha. He won the Triple Crown in 1935. His jockey was Willie Saunders.


The fourth Triple Crown winner is War Admiral. His jockey was Charles Kurtsinger and he won in 1937.


The fifth Triple Crown winner is Whirlaway, who won in 1941. His jockey was Eddie Arcaro.


The sixth Triple Crown winner is Count fleet. Count Fleet won the Triple Crown in 1943. His jockey was Johnny Longden.


The seventh Triple Crown winner is Assault, winning in 1946. His jockey was Warren Mehrtens.


The eighth Triple Crown winner, winning in 1948, is Citation. His jockey was Eddie Arcaro (this particular jockey also won on Whirlaway in 1941).


The ninth, and the most famous Triple Crown winner is Secretariet. Ridden by jockey Ron Turcotte, Secretariet won the triple Crown in 1973.



The tenth Triple Crown winner is Seattle Slew, who won in 1977, his jockey was Jean Cruguet.


The eleventh Triple Crown winner, winning a year later (1978), is Affirmed. His jockey was Steve Cauthen.


The twelfth Triple Crown winner, also our most recent winner, is American Pharoah (not a misspell). He won in 2015 and his jockey is Victor Espinoza.





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